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Welcome To Bimputh Finance PLC
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Welcome To Bimputh Finance PLC
Uplifting the living standards
2014 January 07

Bimputh Finance venturing into Micro Finance can also be considered as fulfilling our mission of uplifting the living standards of micro entrepreneurs who are at the mercy of money lenders in obtaining loans. These micro entrepreneurs are compelled to pay exorbitantly high interest rates, workout on a monthly basis for the loans obtained by them, as they do not possess the required qualifications to obtain loans from the formal financial sector institutions. We also offer these micro entrepreneurs lot of assistance such as advice and guidance to develop their businesses and to lead successful lives in this respect without any cost to them,. We help them in educating their children and at times when they are in financial difficulties due to distress situations. Within a very short period of 5 months of our entrance to micro finance we now have approximately 32000 members.

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