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Welcome To Bimputh Finance PLC
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Welcome To Bimputh Finance PLC
“Belimal” herbal health drink
2014 January 07

We at Bimputh strongly believe that CSR is an essential activity for strengthening the organization's mission and guiding the organization to what it stands for and uphold it's stake holders. However, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and it's practices are generally confronted with two schools of thought, some in favour and others critical about it. Those who are critical argue that CSR distracts from the fundamental economic role of business, and is merely a superficial window dressing. On the other hand, those who are in favour of CSR practices believe that there is a strong business case for it and businesses benefit in numerous ways in the long run rather than impacting on short term profits.

CSR, though is a relatively new concept in the Sri Lankan Business Sector, it has been a regular practice for Daya Group of Companies our major shareholder which is now in existence for more than 30 years. Daya Group has established a Trust by the name of Daya Sarana Foundation for the exclusive purpose of conducting CSR projects. The main objective of CSR projects by our Group is to integrate social and environmental concerns in their interaction with stake holders on a voluntary basis. Some of the companies use the CSR activities for indirect promotion of their business. However, Bimputh Finance (BF) does not usually use it's CSR activities to promote any of its businesses. Although, Bimputh Finance is a new business entity just completing 6 years and relatively new in it's own CSR projects, we have made our fair contribution to mega CSR projects such as restoration and rehabilitation of old temples in Ampara District, community development projects for low income groups, sponsorship of award ceremonies, religious functions and celebrations   and annual celebrations such as world children's day, world service day conducted by the Group and have conducted  timely  and worthy projects on our own   involving it's  employees and the members of the society.

We have made a significant contribution in promoting religious and cultural activities by participating in suitable projects together with the participation of our main shareholder Daya Group. We have actively contributed in erecting Pandols in Pepiliyana and Ampara during Vesak and Poson seasons respectively. Our Ampara Branch offers “Belimal” herbal health drink to every devotee who visits historic Degawapiya temple right through the year.

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