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Welcome To Bimputh Finance PLC
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Welcome To Bimputh Finance PLC
Bimputh Micro Finance

Micro finance is the most acceptable tool to develop small schedule businesses in any developing country. Specially in Sri Lanka after 30 years long war. North and East of Sri Lanka are highly potential areas for Micro Finance at present.

Due to the end of civil strife in Sri Lanka, new vistas have surfaced in the sphere of micro finance in Sri Lanka, specially in the provinces of North and the East, where only limited operations were carried out previously, due to security concerns. It is clearly seen that there is reawakening of the nation and the needs of small scale entrepreneurs are multiplying.

Only women clientele is eligible for our loan system where we empower women population in Sri Lanka. The mother is the source of strength to develop a family in this segment of the society. Development of the children’s education also a main feature of our programme. All school going aged children should attend school if they obtain a facility from us.

Our main focus is to develop the social and economic background of needy families. We provide free training programmes to develop their entrepreneurship skills, product knowledge, saving habits, product quality and also financial discipline.

Proven record of almost 100% recovery rate achieved in Micro Finance continuously for last 2 years in Sri Lanka. Weekly collection and over repayment provided special attention for micro finance product in the financial market. Also Micro Finance is recognized as the most effective scientific tool for poverty alleviation. Therefore, Micro Finance is considered as the No.01 product available in the financial market today.

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