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Bimputh Finance strives to uplift the living standards of poverty-stricken women by providing them with the necessary financial and technical support to mould them into successful micro entrepreneurs.

Success Stories
A New House for Mihiri
Hingurana, Ampara

Mrs. Mihiri Shanika Perera, well known dress maker and swing instructor in Ampara, sincerely thanks Bimputh for the support given to her to become what she is today.

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News & Events
Bimputh Finance Joins LankaPay Common ATM network

Bimputh Finance Joins LankaPay Common ATM Network

Bimputh Finance PLC in a noteworthy move towards enhancing customer convenience, recently joined LankaPay Common
Bimputh Finance Joins Lan

Bimputh Finance Joins Lan

Bimputh Finance Represent

Bimputh Finance has been

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